Baking Contest News

The Baking Contest was back upon us. It has been here for three years now, and each year it has become more popular, bringing in even more contestants! Bakers both young and old can enter; anyone can enter as long as they are willing to make any kind of baking, whether it be cookies or cupcakes, cakes or pies. The rules are simple: bake your best dish during the allotted time period (two hours), hand it into the judges at precisely 4pm where you will then wait for the winner announcement at 5pm sharp.

The Baking contest is an annual event that takes place around Easter where people from all over come to show their cooking skills by entering a baked good into the contest. The winner of this contest gets a gold trophy as well as bragging rights. Bakers enter with everything from cookies to cakes, and they all must be hand in by 4pm so the judges can taste them and announce the winner at 5pm.

Baking is something that takes patience and skill to perfect, and if you happen to have both it would behoove you to enter Baking Contest which is taking place on Saturday. Anyone can enter; all you need is some baked good (no one said it had to be your usual cupcakes or pies) and two hours on Saturday morning. Day passes will be available for those who want them up until 11:00am Day Passes are $10 dollars, while Bakers Passes are still $20 dollars. Baking Contest will be held at the Baking Area, on Saturday at 9am sharp.

The Baking Contest is taking place this Saturday, and it is open to anyone who has baked something before. Bakers can enter with anything from cookies to cakes, but they must hand their product in by 4pm so that the judges can taste them all and announce a winner at 5pm. A gold trophy is awarded to the winner of Baking Contest, along with bragging rights (and possibly some good treats). Baked goods up until 11:00am on Saturday can be dropped off for Day Passes which are $10 while Bakers Passes are $ dollars.