2016 Eggfest
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Over the Top!
I guess by now we should just assume that we are going to have fantastic weather, an incredible host and the best cooks. 2016 didn't disappoint, it was a huge success for everyone involved. We couldn't have asked for a better day!  Enjoy the pictures below and download the recipe book from our fabulous cooks. If you are interested in attending the 2016 Eggfest either as a guest, or as a cooking team, sign up early. To insure you are in the loop for future Eggfest dates, sign up on the home page for email alerts.
An Eggfest is nothing without the cooks, and we believe our cooking teams are the best!  They come from all over the Bay Area to compete for the "Peoples Choice Award" and to enjoy a fun day on the Russian River showing and sharing their cooking skills. 
We have had several requests from guests to reserve a spot for them to cook next year. If you would like to put a team together for next years Eggfest just sign up on the "Registration " page.

This years winners of the "Peoples Choice Award" were:

  1. Darrell & Lisa                    
  2. Doug & Rita     
  3. Brian & Shauna                       

Eggfest Recipes will be Available Soon!
Download recipes from many of the cooks that participated in the 2016 Eggs on the River Eggfest